code CB517
credit_hours 3
title Construction Project Management 1
arbic title
prequisites CB311 and CB322
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Project definition and work breakdown structure - Scheduling and control models and techniques such as: AOA, AON, bar charting -line of balance - resource allocation - time reduction. Documentation and reporting - time and cost control - progress monitoring and evaluation - computer applications.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The course objective is providing the students with the necessary skills to plan, schedule and monitor construction projects.
arabic objectives
ref. books Construction Scheduling Principles and Practices by Newitt, J., Publisher: Prentice Hall, Latest Edition.rnProject Scheduling and Management for Construction by Pierce, D. Publisher: Reed Construction Data, USA, Latest Edition.rnConstruction scheduling with Primavera Project Planner by Feigenbaum, L., Publisher: Prentice Hall, Latest Edition.rnProject Planning and Scheduling using Primavera Contractor, Ver. 4.1, for the Construction Industry by Feigenbaum, L., Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Latest Editionrn
arabic ref. books
textbook Construction Planning and Scheduling by Hinze, J. Publisher: Prentice Hall, USA, Latest Edition.
arabic textbook
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Week No.1: Introduction to planning and scheduling.
2 Week No.2: Development of activities.
3 Week No.3: Scheduling techniques.
4 Week No.4: Scheduling techniques.
5 Week No.5: Scheduling techniques.
6 Week No.6: Scheduling techniques.
7 Week No.7: Computerized scheduling.
8 Week No.8: Computerized scheduling.
9 Week No.9: Probabilistic scheduling.
10 Week No.10: Resource allocation.
11 Week No.11: Resource leveling.
12 Week No.12: Project time reduction
13 Week No.13: Project control: Time and cost control of construction projects. Progress monitoring & evaluation, and reporting system.
14 Week No.14: Cash-flow analysis.
15 Week No.15: Introduction to financial management.
16 Week No.16: Final Exam.