code CB485
credit_hours 3
title Design and Construction of Coastal Structures
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prequisites CB281
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Ocean environment wind, tides, wave mechanics - Coastal processes surf-zone dynamics & coastal sediment transport - Wave & current forces on coastal structures - Port planning and technology - Functional design of coastal structures - Construction aspects of major coastal structures - breakwaters, seawalls, docking facilities, ocean outfalls and submarine pipelines - Field visits to local coastal protection projects.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The course objective at acquainting the student of construction engineering to the knowledge of fundamental and methods of designing coastal protection structures and shoreline facilities. Further the course introduces the students to the principles of coastal zone management and construction aspects of major structures.
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ref. books Coastal Defense-ICE design and practice guide by Brampton Publisher: Thomas-Telford, London, Latest Edition.rnHydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering by A. Chadwick and A.J. Morfett, Spon Publisher: London, New York, Latest Edition.rnCoastal Engineering-processes, theory and design practice by D. Reeve, A. Chadwick and C. Fleming, Spon Publisher: Press, London and New York, Latest Edition.rnPort Engineering by Per Bruun, Gulf Publishing Co. Publisher: Houston, USA, Latest Edition.rnConstruction Risk in Coastal Engineering by ed. J. Simm and I. Cruickshank Publisher: Thomas Telford, U.K., Latest Edition.rnOceanographical Engineering by R.L. Wiegel Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA, Latest Edition.
arabic ref. books
textbook Introduction to Coastal Engineering and Management by J.W. Kamphuis Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co., NJ, USA, Latest Edition.
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Course Content
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1 Week No.1: Introduction to coastal engineering environment and types of coastal structures.
2 Week No.2: Wind, tide, currents and surface wave hydrodynamics elementary and finite amplitude waves (1,2).
3 Week No.3: Wind, tide, currents and surface wave hydrodynamics elementary and finite amplitude waves (1,2). continue.
4 Week No.4: Wind generated waves prediction and forecast.
5 Week No.5: Modification of wave characteristics in shoaling waters and sea level changes.
6 Week No.6: Coastal processes and sediment transport (erosion & accretion).
7 Week No.7: Introduction to coastal zone management & sustainability of coastal projects.
8 Week No.8: Wind and wave-current hydrodynamic forces (1,2).
9 Week No.9: Wind and wave-current hydrodynamic forces (1,2). continue.
10 Week No.10: Introduction to port & harbor planning and offshore terminals.
11 Week No.11: Port and Harbor facilities breakwaters, piers and terminals etc.
12 Week No.12: Design and construction of breakwaters, seawalls and groins (rigid/ flexible) (1,2).
13 Week No.13: Design and construction of breakwaters, seawalls and groins (rigid/ flexible) (1,2). continue.
14 Week No.14: Marine construction: methods, materials and equipment.
15 Week No.15: Environmental effects on coastal zone management e.g.: Effects of sea level rise.
16 Week No.16:Final Exam.