code CB483
credit_hours 3
title Irrigation and Drainage
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prequisites CB382
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Application of the hydraulic & hydrologic principles to the design and construction of irrigation and drainage systems - Crop water requirements and hydrologic determination of the design flow - traditional and modern irrigation methods and systems - Types of drainage systems - hydraulics of surface drainage-ground water interface - Irrigation and drainage system design and structures.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The course is designed to teach essentials of planning, ion and design of irrigation and drainage systems and other related topics related to the sustainable management of water resources and disposal or reuse of drainage waters as sectors of water resources system.
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ref. books Water Resources Engineering by Linsley, R.L. Franzini, J.B. Freyberg J. and Tchobanogolous G. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Co., New York, Latest Edition.rnElementary Soil and Water Engineering by Schwab, G.O., Frevert, R.K., Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Latest Edition.rnComputer Applications in Hydraulic Engineering-connecting theory to practice by Walski, M.T. Publisher: Haestad Press, Waterbury, CT, U.S.A., Latest EditiornIrrigation and Drainage by Neil Southorn Publisher: Butterworth Publishing Co, UK, Latest Edition.rn
arabic ref. books
textbook Irrigation Engineering by Sharma, R. and Sharma T., Publisher: S. Chand & Company Ltd., New Delhi, Latest Edition.
arabic textbook
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Course Content
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1 Week No.1: Water requirements for irrigation and overview of irrigation systems & agricultural & urban drainage system.
2 Week No.2: Introduction to sustainability of irrigation and drainage ecosystems. Overview of irrigation and drainage structures.
3 Week No.3: Soil-Water-Crop relationship.
4 Week No.4: Crop water requirements.
5 Week No.5: Synoptic diagram for surface irrigation and drainage systems.
6 Week No.6: Design of cross-sections for surface irrigation channels.
7 Week No.7: Design of cross-sections for surface (storm) drainage channels.
8 Week No.8: Water conservation-Introduction to sprinkler and drip irrigation systems and water management.
9 Week No.9: Selection of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems components.
10 Week No.10: Sprinkler irrigation systems.
11 Week No.11: Drip irrigation systems.
12 Week No.12: Drip irrigation systems.
13 Week No.13: Drainage system ,planning,design,construction and operation of subsurface and land drainage.
14 Week No.14: Quality of drainage water and impact on fresh water resources and coastal waters.
15 Week No.15: Review of case studies for irrigation and drainage projects.
16 Week No.16: Final Exam.