code CB472
credit_hours 3
title Transportation and Traffic Engineering
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prequisites CB271
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Transportation systems - Individual vehicle motion - Transportation networks - Vehicle flow - Time ? Space diagrams - Fundamental flow relationships - Transportation planning - Trip generation -Trip distribution - Modal choice - Network assignments - Network equilibrium - Classification of Highways - Geometric design - Horizontal alignment - Vertical alignment - intersections ? interchanges - structural design of highway.
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objectives This course is designed to introduce seniors in construction engineering to Transportation Engineering, Transportation Planning Techniques and Basics in Traffic engineering Design.
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ref. books Traffic & Highway Engineering by Nicholas J. Garber & Lester A. Hoel Publisher: Latest EditionrnStandard Handbook for Civil Engineers by F.S. Merritt (ed.) Publisher: McGraw Hill Co., New York, Latest Edition.rnUrban Transportation System by Shunk, G.A. Publisher: Transportation Planning Handbook, Institute of Transportation Engineers, Latest Edition.rnTransportation Engineering by P.H. Wright and N.J. Ashford Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Co., New York, Latest Edition.rn
arabic ref. books
textbook Traffic & Highway Engineering by Nicholas J. Garber & Lester A. Hoel Publisher: Latest Edition
arabic textbook
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Course Content
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1 Week No.1: General introduction, Transportation Systems, its Elements and Review of Mechanics.
2 Week No.2: Individual Transportation Vehicle Motion, Inherent, Gradient & Curvature Resistance.
3 Week No.3: Concept of Tractate effort [propulsive force], Prediction of Vehicle performance.
4 Week No.4: Transportation Networks, Nodes, Links, Arcs, Connection Matrix, Minimum Path Route.
5 Week No.5: Transportation Vehicle Flow, Time – Space Diagrams, Application in Airport Engineering.
6 Week No.6: Time – Space Diagrams, Application in Railway, Application in Highway. Fundamental Flow Relationships.
7 Week No.7: Fundamental Flow Relationships. 7th Week Exam.
8 Week No.8: Models of Traffic Flow.
9 Week No.9: Queuing Theory and Traffic Flow Analysis.
10 Week No.10: Traffic Analysis of Signalized Intersections.
11 Week No.11: Concept of Engineering Planning and application in the field of Transportation Engineering.
12 Week No.12: Trip Generation Modeling, Statistical Analysis studies, Zone-based, house-hold based Modeling, trip classification, polynomial modeling.
13 Week No.13: Trip Distribution Modeling , Gravity Model, Calibration, Iteration.
14 Week No.14: Modal Choice, Split Model, Probability analysis studies.
15 Week No.15: Transportation Network Assignments, 12th Week Exam.
16 Week No.16: Final Exam.