code CB361
credit_hours 3
title Engineering Geology
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prequisites None
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Earth composition. Major types of rocks and deposits. Clay minerals. Weathering conditions. Principles of structural geology. Subsurface exploration: techniques and tests. Influence of geological origin on composition and structure of soils. Index properties. Soil description and engineering classification. Permeability and capillarity.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives The course objective is introducing the student to the basics of engineering geology, and the physical characteristics of soil pertinent to engineering applications.
arabic objectives
ref. books Geology Applied to Engineering by WEST, Terry R. Publisher: Prentice Hall, New York, Latest Edition.rnEngineering Geology by BELL, Fred G. Publisher: Blackwell, Latest Edition.rn
arabic ref. books
textbook A Geology for Engineers by BLYTH, F. G. H. and de FREITAS, M. E. Publisher: Butler & Tanner Ltd., London, Latest Edition.
arabic textbook
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Course Content
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1 Week No.1: Soil in engineering.
2 Week No.2: Earth surface.
3 Week No.3: Earth structure and age.
4 Week No.4: Rocks and soil deposits.
5 Week No.5: Surface processes.
6 Week No.6: Soil transport.
7 Week No.7: Geological structures.
8 Week No.8: Subsurface exploration.
9 Week No.9: Subsurface exploration.
10 Week No.10: Physical properties of soils.
11 Week No.11: Index properties of soils.
12 Week No.12: Soil classification.
13 Week No.13: Permeability of soils.
14 Week No.14: Permeability coefficient.rn
15 Week No.15: Soil capillarity.
16 Week No.16: Final Exam.