code CB271
credit_hours 3
title Construction Surveying 1
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prequisites BA124
credit hours 3
Description/Outcomes Standards - Unit calibration - Measurement of distance - Linear surveying technique - Bearing calculation and measurement - Compass Traversing - Rectangular coordinates calculation -Application of practical surveying problems - Measurement of horizontal and vertical angles -Theodolite Traversing - Profile leveling - Contouring - Computation of earthwork - Layout of construction engineering projects .
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives To familiarize the student with the engineering applications of surveying instruments and methods in the layout of the construction of engineering projects and setting out techniques.
arabic objectives
ref. books Surveying for Construction by William Irvine , FRICS Publisher: McGraw-Hill , London, Latest Edition.rnSurveying, by A. Bannister & S. Raymond Publisher: Pitman, London, Latest.
arabic ref. books
textbook Surveying for Construction by William Irvine , FRICS Publisher: McGraw-Hill , London, Latest Edition.
arabic textbook
objective set combined
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Week No.1: General introduction, Basic principles of surveying and plan scales.
2 Week No.2: Measurement of distances and linear surveying techniques.
3 Week No.3: Bearing of surveying lines.
4 Week No.4: Rectangular Coordinates Calculation.
5 Week No.5: Area calculation of closed traverse.
6 Week No.6: Application of practical surveying problems.
7 Week No.7: Compass traversing, 7th Week exam.
8 Week No.8: Theodolite Traversing.
9 Week No.9: Profile Leveling, Rise & Fall Method.
10 Week No.10: Profile Leveling, HPC Method.rn
11 Week No.11: Contouring, contour lines, contour interval, properties, reading, cross sections.
12 Week No.12: Drawing Contour lines, SURFER software, 12th Week exam.
13 Week No.13: Volume of earth work, formation levels, calculation based on spot levels.
14 Week No.14: Volume of Longitudinal Earthwork projects.
15 Week No.15: Intersection of Earthwork projects with Contour Maps.
16 Week No.16: Final Exam.