code AR542
credit_hours 2
title Regulations & Law
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prequisites CB410 or AR444
credit hours 2
Description/Outcomes This course aims to teach the students about the different building regulations concerning executed buildings in real practice. It also aims to acknowledge students different urban planning rules and obligations that govern real planning practices. Students begin by studying building laws. This entails different building regulations concerning terminology, lighting, ventilation & courts, stairs, heights, projections, fire protection, license requisites, license obligations. After this they are introduced to urban planning laws concerning terminology, general plan, implementation and detailed plans, land subdivision, and planning regulations of city center, industrial zones and district redevelopment.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives • Provide the student the main knowledge regarding executed buildings and their related regulations.rn• Develop the student’s knowledge of different urban planning rules and laws.rn• Produce graduates equipped to tackle law related obstacles, in a professional and legal manner.
arabic objectives
ref. books • MOOR, VICTOR, A Practical Approach to Planning Law, Blackstone Press, 1999rn• UFF, JOHN, Construction Law, Sweet & Maxwell, 1999
arabic ref. books
textbook • Building Law, No. 119, 2008.
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course file 46_AR542_Regulations and Law.pdf
Course Content
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1 Introduction and course outline.
2 Terminology & general obligations.
3 Regulations of urban planning.
4 Regulations for infrastructure projects.
5 Regulations of subdivision projects.
6 Regulations of urban landscape projects.
7 Continuation of the previous lecture and evaluation.
8 Building regulations: General.
9 Building regulations: Architectural & Structural Regulations.
10 Building regulations: Architectural & Structural Regulations.
11 Building regulations: Electromechanical Regulations.
12 Continuation of the previous lecture and evaluation.
13 Building regulations: Parking Regulations.(Outdoor & indoor).
14 Building regulations: Fire fighting and building Evacuation.
15 Building License (Documents & procedures).