code AR516
credit_hours 4
title Architectural Design 6
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prequisites AR415
credit hours 4
Description/Outcomes This course is taking a contextual architectural design approach which will be achieved through studies of an architectural project related to realistic problems within the urban environment. The strategy of the program guides the students through field surveys, such that students can build a sufficient understanding of environmental, social, historic and economic factors of urban environments. The student is assisted in studying and proposing solutions to problems pertaining to a ed action area. rnrn
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives • Enhance the student with practical skills to deal with the comprehensive design project (CDP) starting from the design of a single building, to a contextual design within a given environment.rn• Provide graduates equipped to analyze and define design parameters and undertake a ed architectural design project comprehensively within an action area applying modern techniques of environmental design (ecological design, green architecture, sustainable building).
arabic objectives
ref. books • BREEN, A. & RIGBY, D., The New Water Front - 2nd ed., McGraw Hill, 1996.rn• CALLENDER, John Hancock, Time - Saver Standards For Architectural Design Data. - 6th Ed., Singapore: McGraw Hill, 1982.rn• DOBNEY, Stephen, Master Architects Series, Terry Farrell Selected and Current Work, N.Y: Image Publishing, 1996.rn• D.SPERRY, Finlayson, Sasaki Associates Integrated Environments, N.Y: James L. Treloue, 1997.rn• GRUBIC, Sandra, Ten Years, Ten Cities, The Work Of Terry Farrell 1991-2001, London: Laurance King publishing, 2001.rn• MOSTAFAVI, Mohsen, Projects Review 00/01, U.S.A: Architectural Association, 2001.rn• THOMPSON, George F.- Ecological Design And Planning.- N.Y.: Wiley, 1997.rn• WATSON. Donald, Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data: The rn reference of architectural fundamentals – 7th ed, U.S.A: McGraw Hill, 1997.
arabic ref. books
textbook • NEUFERT, Ernst, Architect’s Data- 2nd Ed., Oxford: Blackwell, 1980.
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Project 1: Introduction, Project definition
2 Problem analysis.
3 Submission of problem analysis
4 Design concept (urban design
5 Design Development (master plan)
6 Submission of project I.
7 Project 2: Introduction, Project definition, in addition to a design sketch (Quiz)
8 Design concept (building type)
9 Problem analysis.
10 Conceptual design
11 Design development (Criticism)
12 Design development (Preliminary Evaluation)
13 Submission of Project II
14 Design Development.
15 Project submission