code AR423
credit_hours 2
title Topics in Sustainability
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credit hours 2
Description/Outcomes The course reviews concepts and theories of sustainability and how the term has developed and embraced change and shift in policies and global commitment. Students are encouraged to think of developing principles and consider the design process with sustainable principles at the forefront. Innovative ideas and international examples are explored.
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objectives • Provide students with knowledge about concepts and theories of sustainability.rn• Enhance the student’s engagement with practical implications on various scales.rn• Encourage the student to suggest local contextual interpretations in the field of sustainability.
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ref. books • John Blewitt, Understanding Sustainable Development, Sterling VA, London, 2008.rn• Daniel E. Williams, David W. Orr and Donald Watson, Sustainable Design: Ecology, Architecture, and Planning, Canada, Wiley, 2007.rn• STEEL, J., Sustainable Architecture - principles, paradigms, and case studies, 1997.
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course file 46_AR423_Topics in Sustainability.pdf
Course Content
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1 Introduction to the field of Sustainability
2 Sustainable site: Selection
3 Sustainable site: Orientation
4 Sustainable site: Landscaping
5 Sustainability and Construction Methodology
6 Sustainability and Materials Selection
7 Continuation of the previous lecture and evaluation.
8 Renewable energy: Solar Energy
9 Renewable energy: Wind Energy
10 Renewable energy: Water and Geothermal Energy
11 Water Consumption
12 One-day Project
13 Waste Management
14 Indoor Environmental Quality
15 Revision.