code AR421
credit_hours 2
title Architectural Criticism
arbic title -النقد المعماري
prequisites None
credit hours 2
Description/Outcomes This course is an introduction to the basics and fundamentals of architectural criticism. It reviews contemporary architectural movements and the various directions of criticism they engendered. Particular emphasis is placed on the conceptions and directions of criticism, with a view to develop the student’s ability to understand, analyse and interpret architectural works, as well as the meanings and intentions associated with them. Ideological and philosophical trends underlying the current movements are cross-examined, through ed examples highlighting various means utilised by architects to achieve such values as originality and innovation.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives • Provide students with knowledge about the vocabulary of architectural criticism, its nature, , and importance in the architectural appraisal rn• Provide students with knowledge about awareness of definitions, qualities and movements in criticism is sought, as well as understanding techniques in order to compare and evaluate different works of architecture.
arabic objectives
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arabic ref. books
textbook • Frampton, K. (1992) Modern Architecture: A Critical History. London, Thames and Hudson.rn• Gossel,P. and Leuthauser,G.(1991) Architecture in the 20th Century. Koln, Benedikt Taschen.rn• Jencks, C. (1998) Architecture Today. London, Academy Editions.rn• Jencks, C. (2000) Architecture (2000) and beyond (success in the art of prediction). London, Wiley Academy Editions
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Course Content
content serial Description
1 Introduction to the Field of Architectural Criticism
2 Roots of contemporary thought & Conceptions of Architectural Criticism
3 Early beginnings & Neo Classicism
4 Language of Architecture: Early Ideologies
5 Towards Modernity: Evolving Idea
6 Modernism and sequential directions
7 Continuation of the previous lecture and evaluation.
8 Variations on Early Themes
9 New Criteria: Emphasis on Locality & Identity
10 More Recent Movements: Back to Classics
11 Technological Influence & New Directions
12 Continuation of the previous lecture and evaluation.
13 Current Trends and Signature Styles, Multiple-Topic Session: Future Prospects
14 Case Studies: Models of Criticism
15 Revision.