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title Interior Design Principals
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Description/Outcomes Space is the essential element in interior design. This space give life to the architecture which houses it. This course is a visual study of the nature of this interior setting. Fundamental element which make up our interior environments. Characteristics of each element. Emphasis is placed on basic design principals and how design relationships determine the al, structural, and aesthetic qualities of interior spaces. Study of the design process.
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1 Project 1-Introduction to concept and principles of interior design. Project 1 definition & research.
2 Elements of Interior design.
3 Elements of Interior design (Form).Project and Research development.
4 Elements of Interior design (Form & Space).
5 Elements of Interior design (Organisation).Project development
6 Elements of Interior design (Circulation).
7 Elements of Interior design (Material & Texture).Pre- final Submission.
8 Elements of Interior design (Light & Color).Final Submission.
9 Elements of Interior design (Light & Color).Project 2: Students are asked to collect data and ideas.
10 Elements of Interior design (Proportion and Scale).
11 Interior design principles.
12 Design Process.
13 Context and the Interior.
14 Environment and the Interior/new interior.
15 Sustainability and the existing Interior.