code AR312
credit_hours 4
title Architectural Design 2
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prequisites AR211 + AR115
credit hours 4
Description/Outcomes This course covers both a study of architectural projects involving a simple program and a study of spatial design according to climatic issues. Students start off by studying the relation of the building with its setting and the orientation according to natural requirements with special emphasis on the local environment. By the end of the course, students learn how to produce projects with an emphasis on human needs and local environmental considerations.
arabic Description/Outcomes
objectives • Increase the student`s awareness of the surrounding environment and its elements.rn• Enhance the student with practical skills to solve studio problems in architectural design. rn• Emphasize on the understanding of architecture in its cultural context.
arabic objectives
ref. books • BAKER Geoferey H., Design Strategies In Architecture: An Approach To The Analysis Of Form– 2nd ed., Van Nostrand Reinhold, London, 1996.rn• CALLENDER John Hancock, Time Saver Standards For Architectural Design Data – 6th Ed, Mcgraw Hill, Singapore, 1982. rn• LEVINSON Edward D, Architectural Rendering Fundamentals, Mcraw Hill, N.Y, 1983.rn• LIN, Mike W, Architectural Rendering Techniques / A Color Reference, Woley, N.Y, 1985.rn• UDDIN, M. Saleh, Composite Drawing: Techniques For Architectural Design Presentation, Mcgraw Hill, N.Y, 1997.rn• WATSON. Donald, Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data: The Reference of Architectural Fundamentals - 7th ed, McGraw Hill, U.S.A., 1997.rn
arabic ref. books
textbook • NEUFERT Ernst, Architect’s Data – 2nd ed, Blackwell, Oxford, 1980.
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course file 46_AR312_Architectural Design 2.pdf
Course Content
content serial Description
1 Introduction, Project definition.     
2 Research, analysis.
3 Submission of research, analysis.
4 Design concept, bubble diagram.
5 Design Development (plans).
6 Submission of project I.
7 Final presentation.rnA sketch-design exam.rn
8 Design concept (building type).
9 Problem analysis.
10 Conceptual design.
11 Design development (Criticism).
12 Design development (Preliminary Evaluation).
13 Submission of Project II.rnSmall scale project.rn
14 Design development.
15 Project submission.