Prof .Jin Tian

Prof .Jin Tian

Email: (+8613910500320 / +861082318489)

Associate Professor, 204 Lab, Beihang University, 37 XueYuan Road, Beijing, P.R.China


 Associate Professor JIN Tian is Deputy Director of the Communication Department of the Electronic Information and Engineering School at Beihang University, China. He received the bachelor degree in computor application from Beihang University, Beijing, China, in 1999. He received Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Beihang University in 2006. From 2006 to 2008, he worked in Beihang University as postdoctor. Now, he worked in School of Electronic and Information Engineering of Beihang University as an asociated professor.

His main research interests Global Navigation Satellite System(GNSS), especially in software GNSS receiver, theory of acquisition and tracking of GNSS signal.

He was supported by the Beihang Blue-sky New Star Plan in 2012.  In recent years, Dr. JIN got many national and ministry level projects and published around 30 academic papers. One of them was suggested by Mr. Phillip W. Ward (2008 ION Kepler Award): “Excellent paper should that should be read, appreciated, used and referenced by numerous GNSS professors and design engineers”.


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