Port Training Institute

Training Program

Code Title duration
N02 Quay Supervisor (Quay Transfer Operation) 25
N03 Vessel Supervisor (Vessel Loading & Discharging) 25
N06 Bill of Lading & Its Role in Maritime Transport 25
N08 Port Traffic Management Operators Skill Development 25
N11 Charter Parties 25
N12 Cargo Traffic Documentation 25
N19 Stevedores Upgrading Skills (Winch Man) 50
N20 Stevedores Skills Development (Winch Man) 25
N25 General Cargo Handling 25
N26 First Aids 15
N28 Fire Fighting & Prevention 25
N29 Marine Units Damage Control 25
N30 Combating Marine Pollution & Prevention 25
N31 Modern Marine Technology for Navigational Safety 25
N33 Dangerous Cargo Handling Code 25
N34 International Safety Management (ISM Code) 25
N35 Container Terminal Information System (CTIS) 25
N36 Loading Offloading Containers From A Modern Management Prospective 25
N37 Vessel Loading Plan 25
N39 Safe Ship Passage (VTS) 25
N40 Marine Craft Skipper In Port 15
N41 International Convention for Safe Containers 25
N42 Tug Boat Sea Man Ship 25
N43 Rehabilitation of Tower Vessel Traffic Management personnel 25
N44 Container Terminal Operations 25
N45 Ship Bunkering 25
N46 Ship Bunkering 20
N47 Maritime Insurance Principles 25
N48 Maritime Law 50
N49 Commercial and Maritime English Terminologies 50
N50 Cargo Stowage Plan 50
N51 Container Verified Gross Measurement as Per SOLAS Amendments 50
N52 Flag State Procedures & Port State Control 50
N53 Modern Communications Devices 50
N54 Preparing Discharge Plans For Various Type Of Ships 50
N55 Procedures of Loading and un-Loading of Container Ships 50
N56 Risk Management & Pollution Prevention 50
N57 Management & Operations of Liquid Cargo 50
N58 Uses and Types of Paints 50
N59 Navigational Lights 50
N60 Maritime Disaster & Causalities Investigation At Ports 50
N61 Maritime Survey 50
N62 Azimuth Stern Drive Tug ( ASD Tug ) 50
N63 Operation Supervisor ( Ship/Quay/Yard) in Container Terminals 50
N64 Voluntary Audit According to IMO Requirements 50
N65 Evacuation Planning Disasters (New) 50
N66 Maintenance of Marine Units (New) 50

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