Port Training Institute

Training Program

Code Title duration
F01 Finance Analysis and Accounting for Non-financials Employees 25
F02 Analysis and Critique of Financial Reports 25
F03 Management Securities & Stock Market 25
F04 Assets and Restructuring Organizations 25
F05 Professional Reading of Financial Statements 15
F06 International & Egyptian Accounting Standards 50
F07 Financial Statements Using PC 40
F08 Accounting Information Systems using PC 25
F09 Internal Audit and Financial Control 50
F10 Estimated Calculation Method for Sup Expenses 25
F11 Cost Accounting in Maritime Transport Using PC 50
F12 Management & Pricing of Cargo Handling Services in Seaports 25
F13 Pricing of port services 25
F14 Cost Accounting in Container Terminals 25
F15 Financial Accounting, Auditing and Preparing Budgeting in Sea Ports and Maritime Transport 25
F16 Preparing and Developing Forecasted Budgets in Maritime Transport Industry 25
F17 Income Taxes 25
F18 Financial Lists under the Resolution of Central Auditing Organization President 25
F19 Letters of credit and letters of Guarantee 25
F20 Applied Problems In the low of Income Tax 25
F21 Cost Systems in the Maritime Transport Companies 25
F22 Financial Risk Management 50
F23 Corporate Governance from a Financial Control Perspective 50
F24 Financial and Administrative Irregularities 50
F25 EEffective Monitoring Performance in the Detection of Errors, Fraud and Financial Irregularities 50
F26 Modern Trends Planning and Financial Accounting 50
F27 Accounting in Maritime Activity and Maritime Transport 50
F28 Planning Budgets with Application Using Computer 50
F29 Electronic Auditing 50
F30 Preparation of Financial Statements Accordance to International Accounting Standards 50
F31 Cash and Banking Budget as Abase for Assessment And Controlling 50
F32 Preparation and audit of the Final Account 50
f33 Preparation and Design of Financial Reporting Systems as a Basis for Evaluating Performance 50
F34 Financial Analysis with Computer Application 50
F35 Accounting for Port Dues and Charges 50
F37 Rules and regulations of governance 50
F38 The Value Added Tax Law No. 67 of 2016 50
F39 Principles and methods of revenue and wages for ports 50

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