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Consultation Methodology

A well proven and successful process has been developed over the years to ensure that our clients receive the most professional service. To accomplish this, a client goes through the following phases:

1. Gap Analysis

  • Institute consulting experts perform a site and system assessment of Company''s management system activity against the requirement of the appropriate standard.
  • Deliverables: Comprehensive Gap Analysis report and strategic plan.

2. Procedure Development

  • Institute consulting experts help company''s personnel develop and refine procedures required to propel the system and the business forward.
  • Deliverables: Clearly written, understandable and usable operating procedures

3. Manual

  • Institute consulting experts help guide company''s personnel in developing a top-level document the exhibits the company''s intent to comply with "shall" statement in appropriate standard.
  • Deliverables: An effective, controlled

4. Training

  • Institute consulting experts prepare individual and groups who owns roles and responsibilities within the management system to competently perform activities within the integrated management system.
  • Deliverables: Trained and competent systems practitioners.

5. Implementation

  • Institute consulting experts help company''s implementation the established system
  • Deliverables: Corrective actin

6. Internal Auditing

  • Institute consulting experts work side by-side with company''s personnel to assess the management system for conformance and areas needing continual improvement.
  • Deliverables: Full internal audit cycle

7. Registration Assessment

  • Institute consulting experts help Company’s in third-party registration
  • Deliverables: Certification.

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