The Nautical Institute is an international body of maritime professionals committed to improving the safety and standards of the maritime industry. Its guidelines for the training and certification of Dynamic Positioning Officers are accepted as the industry standard.

Yes, our Dynamic Positioning Operator Courses are fully accredited by the Nautical Institute.

No, only the Nautical Institute issue accredited Dynamic Positioning Operators Certificates. Marine Simulator Systems issue the accredited training course certificates required to apply for an Operators Certificate.

Yes, the Nautical Institute issue a Limited Operator Certificate to candidates who work predominately on Class 1 Dynamically Positioned Vessels. The training requirements for Limited and Full Operator Certificates are the same.

No, Dynamic Positioning Operator Certificates do not have an expiry or revalidation date however Operators are typically required to complete a minimum of 12 months DP time within a 5 year period. There are currently a number of industry discussions on this matter and this situation may change in the future.

No, STCW does not encompass the training of Dynamic Positioning Operators although this may change in the future.

Yes, there are a number of dynamically positioned units that do not require operators to hold a STCW Certificate of Competence.

No, the Nautical Institute requires that candidates for the Advanced (Simulator) courses must have attended an approved Nautical Institute Basic (Induction) Course followed by a minimum of 30 days aboard a dynamically positioned understudying a Dynamic Positioning Operator before being eligible to attend the Advanced (Simulator) Course.

No, due to the number of delegates attending our training centers, Marine Simulator Systems is unable to provide individuals with any time aboard a Dynamically Positioned vessel.

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