Standards Marine Communication Phrases “SMCPs” Course

Course Objectives

The IMO’s Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCPs) was adopted by the 22nd Assembly in November 2001 as resolution A.918 (22). This resolution adopts the SMCPs and recommends a wide circulation to all prospective users and all maritime education authorities. SMCPs includes phrases which have been developed to cover the most important safety-related fields of verbal shore-to-ship (and vice-versa), ship-to-ship and on-board communications. Upon completion of this course the trainers will be able to communicate with standardized language used in navigation at sea, in port-approaches, in waterways, harbors and on-board vessels with multilingual crews.

Course Outline

  • Spelling and glossary.
  • Reporting systems.
  • Message markers and regulatory issues.
  • GMDSS procedures.
  • Distress, Urgency and Safety communication phrases.
  • Pilotage and special communication phrases.
  • Standard Distress, Urgency and Safety messages.

Course Exercises

Practical operational procedures on the following terminals:

  • VHF RT operation.
  • VHF-DSC.

Entry requirements

The trainee should be Marine Officer, SAR Officer, VTS officer, OR Coast Stations officer.

Duration: 5 working days / 30 hours (60% theoretical – 40% practical).

No. of trainees: 6 – 10 trainees.

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