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Arab Academy`s new Branch in Cyprus occupies International Media

Published: 2015-08-09 14:26:52 |

After announcing the establishment of the first Maritime Academy in the Cypriot city, Larnaca, as a part of the mutual agreement between the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and University of Nicosia, dozens of international news sites, especially the Cypriot press, competed to publish articles and news stories about the event. In their coverage, they paid special attention to praising the remarkable role the Arab Academy has been playing over the past decades aiming to provide the best maritime education in the Arab region in various fields including Shipping & Logistics Management, Maritime Transport, Marine Engineering and Marine Electrical Technology.
Under the supervision of Prof. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar, the Academy President, the mutual agreement was signed on the 1st of August allowing the Arab Academy to open its doors in Larnaca starting from September 2015. The Academy will offer shipping-related courses taught in English to large numbers of Cypriot and foreign students.
On his side, Minister of Transport and Communication, Marios Demetriades, has described the establishment of a Maritime Academy as a “milestone on the roadmap towards a vision which has existed for the last twenty years.” During the event, Demetriades emphasized the importance of Maritime training as a pathway to greater maritime safety, security and prosperity. He also announced that having access to high quality maritime education and training should be on top of the national agendas of all maritime nations.
On the other side, the Cypriot Minister of Defence, Christoforos Fokaides, said that the establishment of the Academy portrays the trust, mutual respect and good relations between Cyprus and Egypt and “reflects the importance that both countries attach to the promotion of stability, development and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean region.”
Fokaides also expressed his conviction that “the establishment of a Maritime Academy in Cyprus would effectively bridge the gap between education, science and industry and it could also serve as a bridge between the EU and the Arab world in promoting development, regional cooperation and maritime security.”
However, President of the Board of University of Nicosia, Nicos Peristianis, spoke of the dire need to offer academic degrees, specialized certificates and courses of study as well as possibilities for research and innovation in shipping.

Under its wise management and hardworking staff, the Arab Academy will always continue to carry the responsibility of spreading and disseminating the latest scientific and technological innovations around the world, adopting high standards that will always allow it to be one of the largest inspiring educational entities across the world.
Please find links concerning our intended Maritime Academy in Cyprus in the Cypriot media for your reference.

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