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Invitation from UAE students to vote for “Bu Tinah Island”

Published: 2010-07-11 13:33:44 |

In the context of the cordial relations between people of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and citizens of various Arab countries, UAE students of the AASTMT have the honor to invite all students and staff Academy to vote for Bu Tinah Island as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. Bu Tinah comes within 28 locations worldwide competing to obtain the title as one of the new seven wonders of nature.

Voting Methods

First: Voting via the Internet
1- Visit the following site
2- Click on the Vote Now icon
3- Select the seven wonders by clicking on the photos of the locations you want to choose
4- Click the Continue button to continue
5- Fill in the form with the required information, if you agree on the terms and conditions, please click the check box
6- Click Submit to send the nomination
7- You will receive an email from
8- Click the link in that message to confirm your nomination

(Note that only one vote per email address is allowed)

Second: Voting via telephone
Through the international call line - 24 hours, going through the following steps:
1 - Contact (448 721 840 007 +) or (442 033 470 901 +).
2 - After the message ends, enter the nomination number 7705 of Bu Tinah.
3 - Once the vote is successful, you will hear a "Thank You" message.

Third: Voting via text messages (only from the United Arab Emirates)
Send the word "Bu Tinah" via mobile telephone to the number 3888, the cost of each message is two dirhams only.
There is no limited number of times to vote through text messages.

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