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Important Notice for AASTMT Egyptian Students

Published: 2011-06-22 09:53:04 |

Applying the Egyptian ministry of defense decision No. 151 of 2004 concerning the Recruitment registration for the higher qualifications from the Egyptian universities and AASTMT graduates according to the date of the graduation results adoption and the month of the year of birth, as it should be noted that: AASTMT graduates who have performed their examinations on January and June 2011 were born in the first half of the year of birth: from 1- 1 until 30- 6, and they should be attended at the recruitment areas during the period from 1- 8- 2011 up to 20- 8- 2011, So they should be attended at the Deanery of Admission and Registration to complete their documents that should be presented for the recruitment registration process until completing the graduation project discussion and receiving the recruitment graduation certificate.

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