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CITL Week 6 of Activities

Published: 2012-05-06 20:32:26 |

The College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), has started its "Sixth Week of Activities" on Sunday 6- 5- 2012 till Thursday 17- 5- 2012, at CITL - AASTMT - AbuKir Campus – Alexandria.

During CITL Sixth week of activities, there will be many of the College characterized activities that aim at enhancing the students' abilities and academic experience, where there will be the meetings of the academic guidance's with the college students in addition to the cultural Seminars with a number of industry professionals and institutions. Also, there will be a promotional exhibition and another for Photography at the college. As this week will include many other activities as workshops, a day for receiving the children of kidney patients, a honoring ceremony for all sports, as well as the third exhibition of the Arab African Heritage in addition to CITL eighth Sports festival and the honoring of CITL outstanding students and also who are distinguished in CITL activities in addition to the exhibition of CITL cultural department.

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