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Iraq hosting the first Arab water conference

Published: 2012-05-16 14:27:04 |

Iraqi will host the first Arab water conference that will be held in Baghdad on May 31 and June 1, 2012, where this conference is organized in cooperation with the Arab Ministerial Council for Water of the League of Arab states and that entitled “the application of international law in the protection of water rights in common waters with non-Arab countries”.
The conference will discuss four important issues which are the common international rivers in international law, the principles and criteria for the apportionment of water resources, the experiences of Arab countries in dealing with shared water, and managing Arabic water resources.
As a sideline of the conference, a session will be organized to discuss the Arab countries views on the United Nations Convention on 1997 Law of the use of international Waterways in the Non-Navigational Uses.
•you can send your research papers on the following email address:
•The research must be presented in Arabic or English language.
•The number of research pages must not exceed 15 pages and must be attached with extra two pages that include the most important research themes and conclusions in addition to researcher CV.
•The Ministry of Water Resources will carry the costs of travel and accommodation for participants who have got the acceptance over their research; otherwise the participant will bear all the expenses of travel and stay in Iraq during the conference.

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