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Turkish Consul Visit to AASTMT

Published: 2013-01-14 12:46:40 |

His Excellency the Turkish Ambassador Mr. Mamet Akev - Consul of Turkey in Alexandria has visited AASTMT - AbuKir Campus – Alexandria, on Monday 14/ 1/ 2013, to activate the agreements that had been occurred between AASTMT and Turkish universities, as to activate the aspects of interaction between the two parties in the fields of Education, Training and Research as well as to activate the exchange of Professors & Colleges Staff members in addition to supporting AASTMT role as an Arabic specialist in the fields of International Transport & Logistics, Engineering & Technology and Management & Technology.
His Excellency the Turkish Consul has taken a tour at AASTMT headquarter in Alexandria where he has visited AASTMT Integrated Simulators Complex, Colleges of International Transport & Logistics as Engineering & Technology, Multimedia Center & AASTMT Planetarium.

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