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Championship for AASTMT team on ACM - ICPC 2013 World Finals in Saint Petersburg

Published: 2013-07-16 12:28:20 |

AASTMT College of Engineering and Technology students’ team has won the first place in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) for colleges’ students – 2013 World Finals (ACM - ICPC 2013) for the Middle East and Africa, in which 120 universities from 91 countries around the world have participated where they had been eliminated from more than 9,000 University and over 30 thousand students.
This year the contest was organized by Saint Petersburg National Research University (ITMO) - Russia, where AASTMT team had been qualified to participate in this contest as a champion for the Middle East and that was held with the participation of:
1. Cairo University - Egypt
2. Alexandria University Egypt
3. American University - Egypt
4. German University - Egypt
5. University of Tishereen - Syria
6. University of Cape Town - South Africa

As AASTMT team was represented by the following AASTMT Alexandria College of Engineering and Technology students:
1. Amr Saad Mesbah (Term 10)
2. Ahmed Salem (Term 4)
3. Ahmed Kamel (Term 4)

As AASTMT Informatics Center who is responsible for organizing North Africa and the Middle East regional competition, in addition to all Arab local competitions was represented by:
1. Eng. Ahmed El-Sayed - Networks and programs evaluation official for the Middle East ACM-ACPC.
2. Eng. Mohamed Fouad - ACM-ICPC Operations deputy director.
3. Dr. Osama Ismail - Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa ACM_ACPC.

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