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AASTMT Smart Village Campus Exhibition of Architectural Engineering and Mechatronics Departments

Published: 2016-03-06 09:35:31 |

His Excellency Professor Ismail Abdel Ghafar, President of AASTMT, inaugurated the exhibition of the several Engineering Departments at Smart Village Campus, a major part of which was that of the Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design Department Thursday 3/3/2016.
Professor Ismail met with the participating students and listened attentively to their creative ideas and dreams for the future development of Egypt and the Arab world. The exhibited projects were linked with social development issues such as The Children Rehabilitation Centre project in Ezbet Abu Arn in Old Cairo and the Community Centre project in Maspeero as part of the overall plan of the Maspeero Triangle national project.
Another important project was designing a City Hall on the site of the demolished burned building of the ex-National Party located on Corniche El Nile. The students exhibited a study model showing the important landmarks of the Corniche corridor from Garden City to Boulaq , enclosing Tahreer Square, Downtown and Maspeero. Professor Ismail engaged in discussions with students related to the sensitivity of this site among landmarks of different Era, and the debate of National Identity versus Modernism.
Students of the College of Management and the College of Logistics also displayed projects and field visits inside and outside of Egypt reflecting their enthusiasm and seriousness in becoming vital elements of change for Egypt and the whole Arab World.
Finally Prof Ismail praised the students` effort and serious work which was a great source of joy and a strong incentive for students to carry on with more self confidence and enthusiasm. A great day full of joy, enjoyed by students and Staff.

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