College Values

Core Values

ValueHow to achieve it
Allignment• We seek a high degree of complementarity and involvement among the College''s family around the strategic goals, working on achieving them, and putting it ahead of the personal interest.• We seek to formulate a known and agreed vision and mission among all members of the College of Pharmacy and its organizational units.• We believe that devotion, dedication, and belonging to the Academy are our way to achieve leadership on the local and regional levels.
Excellence and Continuous Improvement • Encouraging and promoting excellence through innovation, creativity, accuracy, and realism. • Being honest and ethical in all interactions, maintaining the highest ethical standards in teaching, research, public engagement, and community service.• Emphasizing the importance of holding seminars and scientific conferences to continuously develop both the academic and administrative staff.
Respect and sharing of experienceEmphasizing satisfaction and respect among all members of the College while taking into account cultural and social diversity.• Ensuring the exchange of experiences such as e-learning and promoting partnerships with other universities and national and private community organizations.
Accountability• Accepting responsibility for achieving mutual goals and objectives.• Acknowledging students as a first priority and providing the proper environment and support to ensure their academic and personal success.
Leadership • We seek to provide a model for good leadership as a principal feature that characterizes organizational leadership at the College of pharmacy on all levels.• We seek to offer academic programs that aim at developing leadership skills for the graduates, and staff members of the College of Pharmacy.
Dignity• We aim at adhering to ethical standards in all professional administrative practices within and outside the Academy.• We seek excellence in all areas of educational and administrative work.
Knowledge• We trust our ability to create a digital smart College capable of dealing with the requirements of counterpart colleges of pharmacy in the age of knowledge with a high degree of excellence.• We have faith that the digital transformation of the College of Pharmacy will help us understand and contribute to the development of scientific and practical solutions to the challenges facing society as a whole.

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