Attendance Policy

A) Students receive a forced withdrawal if their absence percentage exceeds 15% of the course hours during the semester without an acceptable excuse. In case of providing an official excuse, students are allowed to resume regular attendance. However, students’ withdrawal is considered mandatory if their absence percentage reaches 20% of the course hours.
B) Students who get a forced withdrawal receive a (W). In this case, course re-enrollment necessitates students’ attendance, not just sitting for exams.
C) Students who play for national sport teams are exempted from attendance constraints when they represent their countries in international championships.

1. Students’ attendance during summer training (Experiential Learning I, II, III and IV):
a) Evaluating students during summer training is based on attendance and performance during this period. Grades shall be deducted from students who are not punctual.
b) Students fail the training period if their absence percentage reaches 20% of the total hours allocated to the training.

2. Medical Excuses
a) College Deaneries must not approve medical excuses that are not issued from or stamped by the Academy Medical Services Administration. If the medical excuse period includes a graded or final exam or any course work, the medical report is submitted to the college following its approval by the Academy Medical Services Administration.
b) The time span specified on the stamped medical excuse should be counted in the student’s 20% for absence with an excuse.

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