Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

Since it was founded in 1972, the Academy has made great achievements not only in the field of teaching and learning but also in the field of scientific research, innovation and institutional development. The College of Pharmacy is one of the modern entities in the academy and part of the medical sector, which is witnessing great development in our prestigious institution. In fact, the Academy’s College of Pharmacy aims to graduate distinguished pharmacists who are properly trained to deal with daily challenges in local and regional practice environments.The central objective of the college is to achieve leadership in all educational services provided by applying the concept of continuous improvement and maintaining a delicate balance between teaching the solid foundation of pharmaceutical sciences and adopting recent developments in the fields of pharmaceutical practice, patient care and practical training.Due to its affiliation with the Academy, the College of Pharmacy has a unique opportunity to offer courses in interdisciplinary areas such as Business, Quality Management, Informatics, Logistics and Entrepreneurship that are designed and delivered by experts, ensuring a broader experience for the College’s graduates. Since 2020, the college has been cooperating with many national and international institutions in the field of education, training and scientific research. The college has an active advisory board whose members include prominent figures from the industry and health care community.

Besides, the continuous development of educational resources, laboratories and infrastructure is a major objective of the college to maintain the provision of high quality services to students and the community.
Since the preliminary stage of establishment of the college, we aim to achieve excellence in educational, scientific and research outputs. Our curricular program is designed so as to confirm standards of quality and academic accreditation, both nationally and internationally.

Our program and teaching facilities encourage students contribution in research and express their innovative talents and creativity. 
Within the framework of the Academy’s attainment of advanced positions in international classifications in all fields of quality of education, scientific research and implementation of sustainable development goals, I and the distinguished work team at the College of Pharmacy - and we are all proud of belonging to our prestigious educational institution - can only work hard and strive on the path of progress and advancement to reach new horizons Broader than success and excellence through the application of our mission and the message of the Academy and the steps that this ambitious strategic plan paves for us.


Prof. Amira Mostafa Senbel.

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