Course coding

Numbering system:

The course code consists of six alphanumeric digits, PMN XYZ depending on the nature of the course whether it is core or elective.

  • The “P” at the beginning of the code refers to “Pharmacy” to distinguish these codes from other codes in the AASTMT.
  • The “M, N” refers to “Subject Field”.
  • The “X” refers to “Course Level”.
  • The “Y” refers to “Course Group”.
  • The “Z” refers to “Course Sequence”.


Abbreviation of subject field:

The following abbreviations of subject fields are used in the Degree offered and Graduation Requirements and Course Summary Description sections of this report.
The PMN digits:  Represent the abbreviations of the pharmaceutical subject field
PPS = Pharmaceutical Sciences
PCS = Clinical Sciences
PPP = Pharmacy Practice
NPC = Non-Pharmacy Core Course
PEC = Pharmacy Elective course

The X digit:  Represents the course level or the year at which the course is offered in the plan of study.
1= First year
2 = Second year
3 = Third year
4 = Fourth year
5 = Fifth year

The Y digit:  Represents the course group.
0 = Courses offered by AASTMT
1 = Pharmaceutical Sciences
2 = Clinical Sciences
3 = Pharmacy Practice

The Z digit:  Represents the course sequence number within the group.


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