Program Aim and Objectives

The College of Pharmacy at the AASTMT will currently offer a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm). The Pharmacy B. Program is carefully designed and will be continuously updated according to national and international needs and requirements in the healthcare sector. The main goals of the program are to produce well trained pharmacy graduates who can effectively handle healthcare challenges  in  the  local  and  regional  practice using the updated guidelines  for  care and to integrate recent advances in education, research and practice to enhance career path and development of the pharmacists. In the future, the College will indulge in the world-class research in both basic and applied pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacy sciences, and health services. This will help the College to contribute to the professional education of practitioners and provide an intellectual and academic atmosphere in the community.

The main objective of the program is to produce and qualify pharmacy graduates who satisfy the following characteristics:

  • Handle chemicals effectively and safely with respect to relevant laws and legislations.
  • Capable of formulating and preparing pharmaceutical products.
  • Perform various qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques to assess the quality and quantity of raw materials and pharmaceutical products.
  • Utilize their thorough understanding of their fundamental knowledge to provide drug information and education services to the community and patients about the use of medications and medical devices.
  • Possess the core knowledge concerning the principles of pathophysiology of diseases and pharmacotherapy to be able to participate with other health care professionals in improving health care services using evidence-based data and manage uncommon or highly complex cases.
  • Plan, design and conduct research using appropriate methodologies.
  • Develop presentation, promotion, marketing, business administration, numeric and computation skills.
  • Demonstrate capability of communication skills, time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and team-working.
  • Perform responsibilities in compliance with legal, ethical and professional rules.
  • Able to be a life-long learner for continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills.
  • Manage the safe and efficient distribution of medications and participate in quality assurance and improvement programs to maintain the sustainability of good practice.
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude through practicing in an ethical manner and continuously maintaining his/her competence through lifelong learning.

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