Academic Regulations

• GPA 2.0 & Aboveo Register 6 courses.o Register 7 courses in last two semesters• GPA less than 2.0o Register 4 courses.• GPA 3 & aboveo May register 7 courses any semester upon the availability of the timetable. AttendanceStudents are expected to attend at least 85% of lectures and sections. A student is given a withdrawal warning after 2 times of absence. If the student misses one more lecture or section he gets a forced withdrawal.Adding, Ping, Withdrawing a courseStudents are allowed to add/ any course till the end of the second week of the semester. Students are also allowed to withdraw from any course previously registered in, and this is till the end of the fourteenth week, provided that the student’s academic guide counseling.Enforced withdrawal is implemented in any course for students whom their absence in course lectures and/ or tutorials exceeds 15% of the total number of classes.Study Postponement• It is allowed to the student to postpone study for a period not more than one semester, indicating corresponding conditions and approval from section of delegation concerned.• The request of postponement is by submitting an application to Deanery.• Admission & Registration before the beginning of study.• Under the condition of postponing more than one semester, fees of resuming the study is according to fees categories applied upon Enrollment.Resuming StudyStudent study is resumed, for those who have previously postponed their study according to a request submitted to the Deanery of Admission & Registration at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester that the student wants to resume his study in, conditioned by not exceeding the period of postponement allowed.As for those students who have previously withdrawn finally from study upon their requests, and want to re-register, this is done by applying to the deanery of Admission & Registration a month prior to the beginning of semester in which the student desires to enroll in, taking into consideration the previous student status concerning accomplishments, grades and period of study break off, re-registering cases pay fees according to current used rations upon re-registration and this is concerning the student who withdrew from studying or who postponed the study for more than one semester.Graduation RequirementsEach student must achieve 144 credit hours to graduate.

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