Admission Requirements

Our college accepts students that has been granted the Egyptian high school diploma in according to the minimum percentages determined by the higher supreme council of universities (the last year percentage was 53% ) or any equivalent diplomas, where AASTMT College of Law will offer its students a bachelor degree in Law as this degree is accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities.It is worth mentioning that AASTMT Law degree has various merits as: 1. The recruitment of academic staff members known for their extensive experience and academic stature. 2. The appointment of experienced staff to guarantee the quality of education. 3. The practical training offered to students which include the establishment of virtual courts and sending students on exchange programs. 4. Providing summer internships for the students in various legal fields. 5. The support provided for the students in national and international competitions. 6. The cooperation between the college and top colleges of Law worldwide. Moreover, it should be noted that AASTMT will offer discounts on "Tuition Fees"

As regard to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona path , The same admission requirements are applied .

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