GSB Grades


The AAGSB grading system is based on ordinal (letter) grades  (e.g., A, B, C, etc.), ‘satisfactory/un-satisfactory, and audit grading options  for degree candidates. Only courses for which the grades of (A), (B), (C), (V), and (S) have been received are acceptable in fulfillment of degree  graduation requirements. Only grades of A), (B), (C), (F), (WF), and (V)(if  transferred from universities with which AAGSB has cooperation agreements) are  taken into consideration during the calculation of a students’ GPA. The table  below illustrates the used grades and their numerical values:


ScoreGradePoints or Numerical Values
90 and above A 4.0
85 to less than 90 A- 3.66
80 to less than 85 B+ 3.33
75 to less than 80 B 3.0
70 to less than 75 B- 2.66
65 to less than 70 C+ 2.33
60 to less than 65 C 2.0
Less than 60 F 0


Other grades and  their values are as follows:


I incomplete
V /T   waiver or transferred  
W withdrawal
WF withdrawal fail  
F fail
P pass
U ungraded  
iP in progress
  1. A minimum of 75% attendance in each course is required to entitle students for proceeding into other course activities such as assignments and final exams.
  2. Instructors may grant an extension to students who fail to submit an assignment by a deadline (due date). Instructors should set the policy concerning the impact of missed deadlines on students' grades at the beginning of the course.
  3. A student who cannot attend the final exam must request permission for an alternate examination from the instructor in advance of the examination using the ‘Request for an Incomplete Form’.  At the discretion of the instructor, and in the case of significant medical or personal reasons, an alternate examinnation may be permitted. Ordinarily, the instructor will consult with the Dean on his designee concerning medical and personal problems.
  4. An excuse for absence from an examination and permission for an alternate examination must be recorded on the ‘Request for an Incomplete Form’ and then submitted to the Students’ Affairs Office. 
  5. Students who do not complete course work and approved for an alternate exam at the discretion of the instructor and AAGSB will receive an Incomplete (I). The instructor then submits the signed form to the Dean’s Office.  Forms hand-delivered by the student will not be accepted.
  6. In case students have missed several deadlines on course work or in case of an unexcused absence, the instructor will give a grade of (F) for the course.
  7. The policy on the grade of "Incomplete" is as follows:
    • Midterm exam is not subject to ‘Incomplete’.
    • The deadline for making up incomplete course work should be no later than one month from the final date of the exam.
    • If the instructor will not be present when the deadline arrives, a designated replacement must be appointed by him/her to receive and evaluate the completed course work.
    • If the completed work is submitted by the deadline date, the instructor (or replacement) will evaluate it, and the grade given will replace the incomplete (I) on the student's record.
    • An Incomplete student does NOT merit more than B as a final grade.
    • If the incomplete work is not made up by the deadline date, a grade of (F) will be given for the work not completed. 
    • If the Registrar's Office does not receive a grade from the faculty member after two months from the final exam date of the course, the grade will be automatically transferred to (F) on the student's transcript, and the credits will n ot count toward the student's degree program.
  8. Students should comply with the following conditions in order to be eligible for grade change from an “Incomplete” to a “Complete”:
    • A student should have written permission on the designated ‘Request for an Incomplete Form’ from both the course instructor and the Dean of AAGSB.
    • A student should have regular attendance in the course in compliance with attendance requirements.
    • A student should also have submitted all assignments, term papers, and attended all quizzes and mid-term exam.
    • An “Incomplete” must be changed to a completed grade within a time period of one month after the final exam of the course.
    • The “Incomplete” will appear on the student’s record and transcript until the grade for the final exam is turned in.
    • Failure to complete the course within a month will result in the grade being recorded as an (F). In this case the course should be repeated and the student has to comply with all the requirements (attendance, assignments, exams, etc.).
    • The student who gets an “Incomplete” does not merit more than (B)/3.0 on his completed grade for the course.
  9. Any professor submitting an Incomplete must supplement the final grade  with the reason for the incomplete grade and the grades on all assignments (quizzes, mid-term exam, assignments, paper, etc.).

Withdrawal (W):

  • Approval for the withdrawal is not granted automatically by submitting the request on the designated ‘Request for Withdrawal Form’.
  • The student must make sure that he/she has received a written approval from the School. Oral requests for withdrawals will not be considered.
  • A (W) grade will be recorded for students who have received a written approval from the School indicating their eligibility for withdrawal provided that their withdrawal applications have been submitted before the eight lecture.

Pass (P):

A grade “Pass” is used for evaluation of the thesis/dissertation as well as the comprehensive exam work. It is not computed in the GPA.

Transferred (T) / Waiver (V):

A “Transferred” (T) grade stands for courses which are transferred from other universities with its credits and grades while a “Waiver” (V)  grade is granted for the transferred credits only.

In Progress (IP):

“In Progress” (IP) will be recorded on the student’s record during the additional semester(s) until the thesis/dissertation is completed successfully.

Ungraded (U):

Grade (U) is used for ungraded courses. It is not computed in the GPA.

Fail (F):

Students who fail in any course will receive a grade of (F).The grade will be recorded on their academic transcript.  Having (F) as a grade implies that the student will get zero points which consequently affects his/her cumualtive GPA negatively. Students who fail a course have one opportunity to repeat it. The grade will be given for the repeat course, although the previously received (F) will remain on the student's record. Students are given one chance to repeat a course. In case a student re-takes a course, he/she must comply with all the course requirements such as attendance, term papers, assignments, mid-term and final exams.