MBA Rules and Regulation - Comprehensive Exam Regulations

  1. The Exam will be presented in a comprehensive case format for all eligible students who have already completed 48 credits and attained a GPA of 3.0 or more, as an assessment tool for the analytical and systematic thinking skills of degree candidates. However, AAGSB may change the format when the need arises.
  2. During the examination time, students are allowed to use different resources and any technological aids of their ion in responding to the case such as textbooks, handouts and computer laptops. Nevertheless, it is prohibited for students to consult their colleagues during the exam.
  3. The comprehensive case has no model answer and grading is mainly based on the methodological and analytical approaches of the students in extracting findings and building up the list of alternatives before recommending and justifying recommended action.
  4. Students who successfully meet the standard, shall receive a grade of Satisfactory (S) which will appear on their transcript (official academic records). Those who do not meet the standards will receive a grade of Unsatisfactory (U) which will also appear on their transcript. Students with a grade (U) shall be given another opportunity to take the Exam.
  5. The Exam a degree requirement. However, no additional credits will be added to students'' official transcript nor any fees will be imposed on them