Dean''s Word

Dean’s Word

The Graduate School of Business at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology has an enviable reputation for innovation and quality. We recognize the extra challenges imposed by today’s dynamic global environment and understand the needs of today’s job market.

GSB utilizes the leading faculty members who combine outstanding academic credentials with extensive practical experience in order to professionalize the learning outputs of academic activities and fashion their applications into real life situations. In addition, GSB pays a lot of attention in feeding its substantial links with the business community through involvement with major professional societies and establishment of its students’ affiliation schemes with private institutions to perform research and apply new trends in business management.

The Quality of education offered at GSB is top ranked because of the following: its reputed faculty members, the comprehensive and integrated curricula, the limited number of students per class and their diversified backgrounds. These settings are designed to adopt a Case-Study Approach and promote exchange of real life business experiences.

We recognize that you will be taking a big step by joining our graduate programs , but whatever is your reason it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to reassess priorities , think about what you enjoy doing and take positive action to manage your career.

Prof. Aiman Ahmed Ragab


Graduate School of Business

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