Admission Requirements

Students must meet the following admission requirements:a. Completion of secondary education certificate or equivalent certificates according to the particular requirements of the College of Dentistry as specified by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.b. Meeting the minimum score required to join the college which is announced before the beginning of each semester, in light of the minimum score mandated by AASTMT, as well as the annually announced terms, regulations and qualifying courses per certificate as specified by the Supreme Council of Education Affairs.c. Being physically fit as per stipulated levels.d. Showing good conduct with no dishonoring judicial sentence issued against them.e. Submission of all required admission documents.f. Approval of delegating entities in case of student’s delegation from any country or authority.g. Passing admission exams determined by AASTMT.h. Pledging to follow AASTMT rules and regulations.The Academy may reject any student without stating reasons.