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Historically, the program was established in November, 1995, as a Meteorology Program mainly to provide trainings, workshops and conferences as well as technical assistance. In March, 1996 the program become an observer member in the Permanent Arab Committee on Meteorology & its Sub-committees in the League of Arab States and the program participate in its regular meetings. Also, the program attends the meetings of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

In December, 2013 the Hydrographic Survey has been added to the Program activities & its name became “Meteorology & Hydrographic Survey Program”.

The program is in continuous development phase. Now, it hosts different disciplines such as Meteorology, Oceanography, Hydrographic Survey, and GIS, which attract specialists in the Arab & Africa regions to deal with environment, climate change and maritime navigation.

The program utilizes modern technology in the educational process to achieve and to provide the appropriate and congenial academic environment for the students.

Also, the Program operates an Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) since October, 2014 till now:


1-    Thermometer for measuring temperature,

2-    Anemometer for measuring wind speed,

3-    Wind vane for measuring wind direction,

4-    Hygrometer for measuring humidity,

5-    Barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure,

6-    Rain gauge for measuring liquid-equivalent precipitation.


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