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Faculty Development Courses


CMTT, through the Faculty Development Center, aims to support faculty members in all aspects of the educational and training process. The Vice Deanship for Training and Community Service has prepared a plan to support the faculty during the second five-year period 2022-2026.

Course nameDateTimePlaceLinkAttendanceImages
Training course for simulator Trainer & Assessor Based on_ IMo- Model course6.10 level (1&2)24 JAN TILL 27JAN10 AM TILL 3 PM

4TH Floor Hall 404 Maritime and Transport College
IMo Model course3.12 Training course for Assessment, Examination and Certification of seafarers_ level (1&2)23 JAN TILL 26 JAN10 AM TILL 3 PM

Exam building

Hall 209 2nd Floor

Maritime Institute
Training course for Instructors in Maritime Institutions Based on_ IMo Model course 6.030 JAN TILL 3 FEB 10 AM TILL 3 PM

3rd Floor Hall 323

Maritime and Transport College
Effective management of meetings and time management17 MAY 2022 Till 18 May 2022 10 AM TILL 3 PM

Hall 303

Engineering College Abu QIR
Preparing competitive projects to finance scientific research28 June 2022 Till 29 June 2022 10 AM TILL 3 PM

Hall 303

Engineering College Abu QIR

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