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Strategic Plan

At the start of the implementation of the plan of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology within the framework of the second strategic plan of the Arab AASTMT for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (2021-2026), which coincides with the AASTMT’s celebration of the Golden Jubilee of its establishment, I am pleased and honored to address this speech to the Arab and African-Asian youth of the college students at the headquarters,  as well as in the Sharjah branch in the United Arab Emirates, which was opened in September 2019 and in the Latakia branch in Syria. The college prepares these students to take the responsibility of one of the most important sectors in their country, which is the maritime transport sector, and qualifies them to obtain the necessary certificates to work in this field through its specialized programs in maritime transport technology and marine engineering technology (bachelor’s degree). These programs are taught by our distinguished faculty members who are at the highest level of competence and qualification. The college, in cooperation with the various entities in the Arab AASTMT, provides all the necessary training methods such as simulators, the training ship Aida (4), the Maritime Safety Center, computer laboratories, workshops for diesel machines, marine engineering, metal cutting, electricity and automatic control, which contribute to the reinforcement of the theoretical concepts that the student receives during his years at the college.

In light of the college''s deep understanding of all the exceptional opportunities and great challenges imposed during this stage, the College of Maritime Transport and Technology has been keen to prepare a measurable plan for hybrid education while preserving the international position of the Arab AASTMT and its regional leadership in the field of maritime transport.

This plan reflects the college’s willingness to use the success achieved through the first plan (2016-2021) to achieve more success. The plan should be a result of careful analysis and thorough studies carried out by the Dean of the college, along with the follow-up committee of the strategic plan of the college, to identify the most important points that we must focus on in the next stage, taking into account the latest trends in the maritime education and training and the maritime transport industry, especially in light of the Corona pandemic and the radical changes that followed in the means of education and training and the associated tools, technical equipment and effective methods of assessment. All of this is within the framework of the experiences learned during the implementation of the previous plan and the analysis of its results.

His Excellency President of the Arab AASTMT and all the entities provide unlimited support and all human and material resources needed to implement this plan (2021-2026), where the student receives high quality education and training in a suitable and advanced environment that includes scientific, social, cultural and athletic aspects. This is in addition to the ethical values and disciplined behavior that contribute to preparing highly qualified marine graduates for the labor market in the maritime transport industry.

The college was also keen on applying the comprehensive concept of education that develops the human ability to understand, analyze and innovate, and makes them more flexible with the global dynamic changes and the smart digital transformation that has dominated the economic, social and technological fields in the whole world.

Based on what was previously mentioned, it can be concluded that the new plan which covers the fields of education and training along with their related student services, as well as community service, scientific research and innovation and entrepreneurship highlights a number of measurable goals and seeks to enhance the college''s position as one of the specialized centers in the field of maritime education and training, as it represents a suitable environment that includes all cultural, social and athletic factors and that is capable of instilling moral values ​​and disciplined behavior in its students, which contributes to preparing them to work in the field of maritime with the highest level of qualification according to international standards.

We pray to Almighty God to reward our efforts with success in implementing the new strategic plan.

                                 May God grant us success.


  Dr. Captain. Mohi El Din Mohamed EL Sayeh


Dean of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology


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