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Discipline Department

The College of Maritime Transport and Technology depends on two pivots: Science and Discipline in the process of qualifying an excellent marine officer of a distinguished personality, which determines the chances of employment in the maritime industry market

Discipline By-law Familiarization

The discipline by-law has been developed to inculcate the principle of discipline in the cadets with a view to improving their efficiency when serving on-board merchant marine ships.  It is based on the principles of fair treatment and accurate assessment of all students, and rewarding excellent students to motivate them and instill in them a sense of pride in, and belonging to, their profession

The Discipline By-law is based on

  • The principle of graded penalties for offences
  • Determining the authorities in charge of imposing penalties and granting rewards.
  • Notifying parents of their sons’ violations with a view to amending matters

General Rules

  • Each student shall be assigned 100 marks for discipline in every semester.  The student who gets below 50% of discipline marks shall not be allowed to sit for the end of semester examination.
  • When losing 15% of discipline marks, the student shall be notified and shall sign a first warning when losing more than 30% of discipline marks, the student shall be notified and shall sign a second warning and when losing more than 40% of discipline marks, the student shall be notified and shall sign a final warning, in the case of which his parent shall be called to meet the concerned authorities.
  • A student has the right to complain in writing to the concerned personnel in the chain of command if he feels that he was unfairly punished.
  • A student shall suffer another penalty in case of raising a false claim.
  • A summary of the discipline By-law shall be distributed to the students and their parents during the discipline guidance period before the beginning of the semester.
  • Parents are requested to be in constant contact with the concerned personnel of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology throughout their sons’ period of study through the telephone numbers and addresses recorded in the student’s register.  In case of change of particulars, parents shall notify the College of the mentioned change, in the case of which the student and his parents shall bear the responsibility of maintaining contact


  • Granting discipline badge to the disciplined students.
  • Including the names of disciplined students in the College Honor Board.
  • Promotion to leaders.
  • Nominating the semester exemplary student.
  • Granting rewards (financial rewards / in-kind rewards / free trips)
  • Awarding Recognition Certificate

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