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Academic Regulations

  • The Credit Hour System

The credit hour system is based on the number of study courses which the student should successfully pass according to the standard set by the Academy as a condition of graduation.  This system enables the student to pursue his study according to his capabilities and the guidance of his academic advisor within the minimum and maximum number of study courses the student is allowed to register for in every semester.  Thus, the student participates in setting his study plan according to his capabilities and the applied study system.  The student shall repeat a course if he does not successfully pass it according to the set standards.

  • The Credit Hour

The credit hour is a theoretical study hour of 50 minutes per week per semester requiring two hours at least of individualized learning, or two or three applied work hours of 50 minutes each per week per semester requiring one hour at least of individualized learning.  The credit hour is the basis of determining the student’s study load in every semester.  The total of study weeks for each credit hour shall not be less than fifteen weeks per semester.

  • The Credit Achieved

It is the credit hour achieved in any of the courses the student registered for.  It shall be counted to determine the achievement of the student toward graduation.

  • The Office Hour

It is the hour the lecturer assigns for answering any questions the students may raise in any of the courses taught.  It shall be announced to the students and held in the lecturer’s office.

  • The Study Course

It is the course studied in one semester.  Each course shall be assigned a number of credit hours and a certain code for each department.

  • The Prerequisite

It is the study course the student must successfully pass before registering for another course, in the case of which the course shall be considered a prerequisite to the latter course.

  • The Academic Load

It is the total credit hours the student is allowed to register for per semester on the basis of his capabilities and academic achievement.  The ordinary student shall register for not more than 19 credit hours and not less than 9 credit hours.  However, the student who got excellent grade shall be allowed to register for 22 credit hours provided this is recommended by the student’s academic advisor and approved by the chairman of the student’s department.  The student whose grade point average is less than 2 shall not be allowed to register for more than 12 hours.

  • The Academic Year

The academic year comprises two semesters or more.  The duration of the semester is 15 or 16 weeks at the end of which the end of semester examination is held.

  • The Summer Session

It is an intensive study semester of not less than 6 weeks.  Students shall be allowed to register for the summer session according to special rules.  The summer session academic load shall not be more than 6 credit hours.

  • The Phase

It is a period of the total study duration comprising one period or more spent in the Academy or on-board ships according to the student’s study plan.

  • The Educational Path

It is the educational plan the student s on the basis of his capabilities with a view to achieving his educational objectives.  Each specialization comprises a number of educational paths.

  • Course Grade

It is the grade, e.g., A / B / C etc., the student gets in each course.  Each grade represents certain points.

  • Course Points

The course points the student gets, are calculated in the following way: The value of the course grade the student gets in the course X the number of the course credit hours (as indicated in the assessment method).

  • Incomplete Course

The department chairman may decide to postpone a student’s end of semester examination if recommended by the lecturer of the course, in the case of which the course shall be considered incomplete.  In this case, the student shall sit for this an examination in this course during the first week of the following semester, otherwise the student shall be considered withdrawn from the course.  However, the course shall be considered incomplete provided the student gets not less than 36 out of 60 in class works and not more than 15% absenteeism.

In case of courses extending for two semesters, if a student does not get a grade (as in the case of projects) in the first part of the course, this part shall be considered incomplete until he gets a grade in the final examination of the course at the end of the following semester.

  • Semester Average

It is the average the student gets at the end of the semester it is calculated by adding the points the student got from the courses he passed and subdividing them by the total credit hours he registered for in that semester.  When calculating the grade point average at the time of graduation, all the F hours are omitted.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA)

It is the average the student gets by adding the points he got from all the courses he studied till the time of calculating that average and subdividing them by the total credit hours he registered for till that time.  The grade point average is calculated at the end of every semester to be used for calculating the general average for any phase and the general average for the end of study for the purpose of determining the student’s academic load, continuation of study and probation.

  • Probation

Probation is affected when the student’s grade point average s down below 2, which requires additional efforts on the part of the student to raise his grade point average to get out of probation.

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