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AAST Grads to Business: Introduction to Enterpreneurship

Published: 2022-06-03 12:45:00 |

Among the activities of the Entrepreneurship Seminar that took place on Wednesday, 1/6:
The seminar was presented by Dr. Fahd Abdulaziz - Head of Project Rehabilitation and Support Department at the Entrepreneurship Center at the Academy, in the presence of Prof. Walid Ghoneim - Head of the Department of Electrical and Control engineering and many faculty members and students..
This series of seminars was held within the framework of the College of Engineering and Technology`s interest in enhancing students` skills during study and during graduation projects in order to have a significant impact in meeting the needs of the labor market after the college`s distinguished students graduate.
The semiar also aims to support and educate students and develop their ideas in the field of entrepreneurship and start-up companies.
It has been very successful and popular with students from the Departments of Computer Engineering and Electrical and Control Engineering.
The symposium was held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Akram Suleiman Al-Salami - Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Dr. Sherine Youssef - Head of the Department of Computer Engineering, and Prof. Dr. Walid Ghoneim - Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering.