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Computer Engineering LIVE Webinar on Critical Thinking and Root Cause Analysis

Published: 2022-03-13 09:36:03 |

A LIVE WEBINAR ON “CRITICAL THINKING AND ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS” is being organized by the Department of Computer Engineering – AAST – Alexandria, in cooperation with Sprints Company, one of the leading end to end solutions to bridge the technology talent gap. In the presence of Prof. Akram Soliman – Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

The event will include an opening Live Webinar, followed by practical Training Sessions for all postgraduate, undergraduate students and Faculties of Engineering colleges and Researchers/scientists, Organized from 2 to 3, March, 2022.

The webinar sessions covered the following topics:
 1st session: “Critical thinking skills, decision making, and problem-solving”
 2nd session: “Root cause analysis”
 3rd session: “Application case studies, discussion panel”
 Eng. Ayman Bezaraa – CEO of Sprints, Co-founder MicroDoers and Avelabs.
 Prof. Sherine Youssef – Head of Computer Engineering Department – AAST – ALEX.