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"Light Current Workshop"

Published: 2022-12-15 11:22:37 |

The Department of Electrical and Control Engineering, headed by Prof. Dr. Walid Ahmed Maher Ghoneim organized a training session on:
"Light Current Workshop"
Which was delivered by Engineer / Noah Muhammad Noah - Electromechanical Implementation Manager at Redcon Construction Company - over a period of 4 weeks every Wednesday at 2:15 pm
Where engineer Noah thankfully shared his experiences and explained the full course for free to the attendees.
This course is considered one of the important courses to qualify for work in the field of construction and contracting, which is one of the basics of specialization for graduates of the Electrical and Control Engineering Department.
The course contained a definition of the principles and concepts related to low current systems and the design of works related to light current systems and electrical installations such as:
International codes for electrical work
- Designing CCTV surveillance camera systems, fire alarms, electrical wiring and cables, audio and access control systems, and other special systems and communications infrastructure.
The course begins on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at Lab 150, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Abu Qir branch