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Grimsby Institute Abroad Training

Published: 2015-10-15 16:14:18 |

Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education Abroad Training
The college of engineering & technology provided practical training in Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education at Germany for 64 students from different college departments divided into three groups as follows:

Group A: 18 students from 18/7/2015 to 1/8/2015 under supervision of Dr. Rania Assem.
Group B: 18 students from 2/8/2015 to 15/8/2015 under supervision of Dr. Iman Morsi.
Group C: 28 students from 16/8/2015 to 30/8/2015 under supervision of Dr. Elarabi Morsi.

The electric & control engineering department student Nada Gobran, second student from right in middle picture, has awarded as the most outstanding student in “The Application of Engineering Theory Summer Short Course”.