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Distinguished Students Celebration (03-01-2010)

Published: 2010-01-04 22:22:37 |

Distinguished students, from the colleges of Engineering and Computer Science in addition to GTA's and Assistant lecturers who actively participated in the college main events throughout 2009. The two colleges Dean (Prof. Dr. Aziz Ezzat), Vice deans (Prof.Dr. Mostafa Hussein) and (Prof. Dr. Mahomud Abo Zeid), (Prof. Dr. Osama Badawy), (Prof. Dr. Khaled Mahaar), (Dr. Essam Kosba)and Departments Heads (Prof. Dr. Hussein Dessouky), (Prof. Dr. Darwish Abdel Aziz), (Dr. Mohamed Abo ElNasr), and (Dr. Khaled Killany) attended the event.