College Mission

Our mission is to efficiently integrate all of our facilities, and resources to prepare young generations for the requirements of the knowledge based societies and to proactively provide competitive, intellectual, and market-driven academic programs, research, and community services and pledges strong collaboration between our faculty, staff members, students, researchers, alumni, and industrial and business leaders. Further to maintain and develop long term and lasting partnerships with Arab institutions, and internationally acknowledged bodies.

College Departments

Architectural Engineering & Environmental Design

The increase of population in Egypt and most Arab countries has considerably increased the need for housing, public buildings, and urban services. On the other hand several problems appear, such as: upgrading, renewal, development of deteriorated areas...

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Construction & Building Engineering

The Construction and Building Engineering programs at Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport are one of the most creative and pioneer programs in the region. Our undergraduate program provides the necessary technical skills in mathematics, basic sciences, engineering sciences and social sciences consistent with accreditation standards and national needs.

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Electrical & Control Engineering

It is well known that the degree of development of a nation is measured by its per capital consumption of electrical energy, i.e. electrical energy utilization. The generation of electricity, its transmission and its distribution are thus of primary concern to all developing and rapidly industrializing countries.

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Electronics & Communications

Electronics & Communications is one of the largest departments in the Academy with an average number of students being approximately 650. The department provides an Undergraduate Program Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication and a Graduate Program which offers Master Of Science In Electronics and Communications Engineering .

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Industrial & Management Engineering

Industrial and Management Engineering improves the efficiency and productivity of work processes. It uses science and technology to properly manage all kinds of resources including human resources, and analyzes and designs complex systems of economy and society.


Marine Engineering

Our department offers an Engineering program in the field of Marine Engineering with specialization in either Marine or Offshore Engineering. Our high quality undergraduate program offers our students a strong foundation in basic science and engineering as well as applied engineering and practical training.


Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers an engineering science program and applied mechanical energy courses integrated with laboratory experience in measurements, and studies in design and manufacturing using computer facilities and laboratories.

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Electrical Energy Engineering

The vision of Energy program is to provide a high quality energy engineering education to graduate engineers capable of designing Photovoltaic, Renewable Energy and Wind Energy Technology.

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Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering

The program's primary objective is the education of undergraduate students so that, upon graduation, they are prepared to take responsible entry-level positions in a wide range of industries.

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Oil and Gas Engineering

Oil and Gas is one of the most dynamic industries in Egypt. The program's primary objective is to provide a high graduated engineers to local and national oil and gas companies.

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Sports Activities

Sports Activities

The college Holds Sports activities throughout the academic year, with regular tournaments between different departments. In addition to participation of the college sports teams in tournaments involving other colleges.

Social Activities

Social Activities

Visiting Egyptian museums and attend cultural performances. Holding regular fund-raising events or collection of donations for orphans and the poor.

Art & Trips

Art & Trips

Organization of educational seminars under the supervision of Student Affairs including educational and scientific field trips. COE also organizes art and talent competitions (music and singing) and awarding prizes.

Scientific Activities

Scientific Activities

Organization of various seminars in different fields throughout the academic year. In addition to forming various scientific committees by students.

Student Testimonials