Career opportunities

The BIS department offers the blend between Business Administration and latest computer skills. The BIS department has over 90% recruitment rate. Some graduates are entrepreneurs who started their own businesses, such as Pointers, Savvy Arabia, The 8 Peas, and Spinzomedia LLC, while others are recruited at reputable local and International organizations, in all industries such as:

  • Business Solutions
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Real Estate
  • Business and Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Social Media
  • Multinational Organisations

BIS graduates are leaders as

  • Business Analysts
  • Web/System Analysts
  • Web/System Designers
  • Web/System Developers
  • Database Analysts
  • Social Media Specialists
  • ERP Specialists
  • Mobile Application Developers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Business Consultants

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