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Sunday, 26th March, 2023

Humanities Dep.

Semester 1    Semester 2   

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
LCA114 Arabic Language (1) noneN/A
LCC116 Introduction to Computer Applications Core Course material
LCG111 Grammar Core N/A
LCH130 ESP (0) noneN/A
LCI112 Introduction to Literary Texts noneN/A
LCM126 Introduction to Mass Communication noneN/A
LCR115 Writing & Reporting noneN/A

CodeTitlePrerequisitesCourse Material
LCF121 Phonetics noneN/A
LCL113 Listening noneN/A
LCL124 Second language 1 Core N/A
LCN125 Novel (1) noneN/A
LCP123 Poetry 1 Core N/A
LCT122 Translation 1 noneN/A